Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Nikki & Marks wedding on Saturday 8th August

Nikki and Mark were married at Tintagel Church. A fantastic setting on the cliff tops over looking the north coast. They were blessed with wall to wall sunshine.

Yellow shoes, lined up ready for the day ahead!

Nikki and Mark enjoying a few moments alone.

Children enjoying the day.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The wedding of Jodi & Chris at the Two Bridges Hotel

Jodi and Chris were married at the Two Bridges Hotel near Princetown.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Teresa & Dave's wedding on Saturday the 8th August

"Thank you so much for the wonderful photos and making beautiful long lasting memories of our special day. We knew we got it right when we picked you. You've given us something very special to treasure and share for always, worth every penny.
Teresa and Dave Robinson xx"
Dave & Teresa's youngest daughter Lottie. The tiny princess of the day!

Blue skies and white fluffy clouds all help for a great setting.

Who would believe that this was a smelly cow shed a few days earlier.

All the tables had a real country feel.

Makes a change from pics of a fancy car..................

A good place to keep the brides shoes??

We had the opportunity to get some great fun shots through the day.

A great day had by all. Teresa and Dave were a great couple to spend the day with capturing the moments of their special day.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Kirsty and Dan's wedding Thursday August 6th.

Dan and Kirsty were married at Mutley Baptist Church on a lovely sunny day followed by the reception at Langdon Court.
They've just taken a look at the blog and i've received these kind words via text.
Hey John, these photos are something else! We fell in love with the ones inside the old buildings at the end of the garden, Kirsty has already chosen that one for the wall apparently. And what a cool shot that one through the window is. We're definitely looking forward to the others arriving! Thanks for everything again, you guys really are a good memory of the day, Dan & Kirsty.

These first edition books were a very personal present from Dan to Kirsty on the morning of the wedding. When Kirsty opened them up a ther're were more than just a few tears

Kirsty picking her flower for the day from her Dad's garden.

Brothers helping each other out with the ties.

The three crazy brothers!!

A very proud Dad.

Best man taking his time finding the rings, look of panic on the Grooms face.

Make up time................again!

Girls...............being girls

Free ice creams for everyone, so different and so coooooooool.

Cigar time for the boys.