Friday, 13 November 2009

Stacey and Dan's Wedding

It was nice to see something different. A few Kilts were a nice twist to the wedding.

Something else to brighten up the cloudy day.........the registra's bright pink tights

Stacey and Dan having a very emotional cuddle!!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Mim and Stigs wedding on Saturday 24th October

The youngsters just love dressing up for weddings.

Mim looking a little nervous.

Mum looked great in this blue outfit.

Stig looking more nervous than Mim was. It's the waiting game!!!

Kids just love to do their own thing during the service.

The hat shot. Hats seem to be making a comeback. I think the're great fun for the pictures.

Stig and the suited men trying to look cool.

Stig and the best man trying to look cool!

Father of the brides speech.............

Carol & Colin's wedding on Saturday 3rd October

Carol and Colin were married at the Mutley Babtist Church on Saturday the 3rd of October.
The reception was held at the Dartmoor Wildlife Park Sparkwell.

Carol's daughter was looking a bit impatient waiting for her Mum to arrive at the church on time.

This church is a great place to photograph a wedding, as there is so much space to move round and catch all the special moments during the service.

Carol and Colin were really enjoying themselves.

They chose a great car for the day.

Carol's youngest daughter enjoyed delivering her speech. She was so confident!!