Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jenny and Jamie's Wedding

Jenny and Jamie were married on Saturday the 25th June at the Sandy Cove Hotel at Coombe Martin.

We went down to the local beach to take some pictures with the soft lighting of the early evening.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Pat posing for a pic

Pat posing for a pic by John Muttitt
Pat posing for a pic, a photo by John Muttitt on Flickr.

This shot was taken at a wedding that I was covering. Although it was taken in the marquee of the recption and with on camera flash the lighting was perfect. Pat my assistant smiled just at the right time.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Alex and Zak's wedding.

Alex and Zak's wedding was held at Calstock Church - the reception was in a marquee across the road not far from the church. This was the wedding that Casltock had been waiting for, and the whole day was full of smiles and very happy fun loving people. having a great time.

Alex was very realaxed throughout the morning.........

This was a moment just before Alex was to leave for the Church - a moment I managed to capture without Alex even knowing I was there.....

'great shoes Alex'

'I love this moody shot'

So much in love......

This shot was their idea......great fun though!!

One of my favorite shots of the day, I got to drink the beer - result!!

Cheese cake for the wedding cake - quite literally a cheese cake!
It was wonderful

the look of shock and laughter from Alex during the speeches