Friday, 6 February 2009

Choosing the right Photographer for your wedding day

How do you choose the right Wedding Photographer for your Wedding?

There are dozens of Wedding Photographers to choose from, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds.
So what should you look for when choosing your photographer? When people phone or email us with an enquiry we try and give them advice (even if they don't choose us, or if we are already booked), of what to ask and look for when searching for the Photographer for their day.
Firstly they need to decide the type or 'style' of photography they want for their day. Some photographers can be very formal, some informal, some reportage style etc. You need to decide what 'style' is right for you. The trend tends to steer towards the more relaxed coverage of the Wedding day these days.

Wedding photography is a very difficult job, as most people at a wedding don't really want a photographer in their faces. So there is a fine balance capturing all the emotion, and fun moments throughout the day, whilst trying to be unoticed. So this is another reason to find out from photographers when phoning them, if this is the way they work. Usually most of them have a web site so you can view their work and get an idea of their 'style'. This saves a lot of time wasting, both for you and the photographer.
After searching for the right photographer, you may have a short list of perhaps three or four to see. Some will arrange to come to your home, or you may have to go to their studio. We always find it is more relaxing to visit our potential clients in their own home.
Upon meeting the wedding photographer for the first time, you must feel comfortable and relaxed from the start. Having a good rapport is so important! Imagine a photographer that irritates you, and having to spend a whole day with that person!
It's always nice to see your photographer two or maybe three times before the 'big day'. We always try to do this as it helps to make the couple more relaxed on the day with us, which in turn produces more relaxed natural images.
A good photographer will always give you advice and help you with timings etc. It is often the case that there isn't enough time set aside for the pictures you want on your day.
So there you go.........just a few things to think about and a bit of friendly advice. If you are reading this blog, and not sure how to go about how to choose a photographer, give us a call. We would love to help.

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