Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Wedding of the Daughters Wedding

Laura and Gary were married on Saturday 29th August at St Stephens church in Launceston. The reception was held at The Eagle House Hotel near Launceston Castle.
Just for a change I wasn't the one taking the photos for this wedding. But Leanne and Tracey part of the JM Photography team did a fantastic job capturing all the moments of my daughters wedding day.

Laura and I arrived at the church 22 minutes late and you can tell by the faces that people were getting bored. Including Ken the Vicar.

The weather was great all day. This allowed us to have the the roof down on this lovely Triumph Vitesse.

Me having a swift sip of the hip flask. And I thought knowone was watching!!!
These photographers are too good.

My speech (I was so nervous), now I know how all the fathers of the bride's actually feel!

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